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General Discussion / Re: Don Clark 98 yesterday
« Last post by Richardrka on Yesterday at 10:50:18 PM »
We were returning from Daytona in 1989 or 1990 I cannot member but I do know we had the OLD rig 1972 dodge suburban home build trailer and I was solo (Kathy flow home) hauling ASS! I had to stop! could not go any farther so Stockton TX came into view. Pulled into a motel and guess who beat me there!!!!??? DON CLARK!

Those were the days

General Discussion / RKA Comment on Communications
« Last post by Richardrka on Yesterday at 10:44:28 PM »
 Hi Gang,
I have been quite because I thought the world was orbiting in the correct direction.
 BUT today I got a lashing from a MSTA and BMWMOA member that is smarter than me …. Who knew? 😉
The 30K is the future. The 30K is not perfect, The 30K is not for everyone. The 30K is more for groups and very easy to setup with new riders. (Remember this part when you go on your next group ride.)
 I am riding my R1200RT to La Crosse from Windsor CA. I will be alone or with one other rider. I/we do not need the 30K nor is there an advantage. 4 – 5 riders NOW it takes advantage of the MESH Technology
 I am going to give part of my upcoming seminar away as I do not want folks to be afraid to purchase the 30K or to think it is trash as some have said.
 This same wave of upset riders arose when the SMH10 was replaced by the 20S
BUT let’s go back further remember CB radio? Remember FRS radios? FRS appeared in 1996 an no one said why can’t they talk to a CB. It was a DIFFERENT THING. When Bluetooth came into the lime light it was different and could not talk to CB or FRS radio. Everyone seemed to accept that.
BUT when SENA tries to HELP make the transition easier by putting 10S technology under the 30K people started throwing knives .
 SENA WILL have firmware updates and fix some of the issue real soon maybe even before STAR
 This is kinda privet information at this time BUT again do not want a panic.
This is from my Distributor 10 minutes ago … “I am sure once they enable the audio multi tasking in Bluetooth mode for the 30K then it will work the same as the 20S”. That was a when not an if!
 So my new found friend “Phil” is upset at a lot of things blowing some pretty hot smoke and he is correct in what he says BUT he has no patients and needs to chill a little.
 The iPhone X had a battery issue. I purchased one, I did not send it back I did not complain, and Apple did a firmware update to fix it.
The deal RKA is offering goes through the 15th of April. Take advantage of a nice deal WITH support.
 I will also be doing installs for RKA customers at the rally.
 Do not listen to the voice behind the curtain. I am looking forward to my seminars and it will explain a lot and make MESH understandable to you
If you own an electric car YOU are the pioneer and the others have to catch up to YOU.
 When you purchase the 30K YOU are the future of motorcycle communication and the others have to catch up to you. BE the future, BE the pioneer.

707 836 7659

STAR 2018 / Re: Hotel rooms as of 3/11/18
« Last post by HawkGTRider on Yesterday at 08:30:40 PM »
That's not old Rich. Old is "You meet the nicest people on a Honda". And yes, sad to say I remember that one from the 60's.
And I remember that one too. It was more that ad saying I quoted is how I feel about now. I haven't ridden any real miles since the end of the 2016 season. I'm suffering extreme withdrawal symptoms. :)

I average around 25k+ miles each year, and even have a normal total of around 1k in both January and February. This HAS been a bad year. In January 2018, I racked up a whopping 296 miles. But wait...I knocked that out of the park in February by 47 miles...a total of 343 miles. I feel sorry for you guys that live in a place where riding just isn't an option for several months of the year. But this year has been truly abominable for folks in some other parts of the country as well.

Back to the topic of this many doubles are left in the Holiday Inn now?
STAR 2018 / Re: A quick peek at some STAR 18 routes
« Last post by naustin on Yesterday at 05:36:53 PM »
Awesome Routes.  Thanks to all those who contributed.   :clap:
STAR 2018 / A quick peek at some STAR 18 routes
« Last post by hhemstreet on Yesterday at 04:19:57 PM »
Here are a few of the routes put together by Ray Kang. There are more in the current issue of STAReview.
General Discussion / Re: STAReview 3701
« Last post by PYG RYDR on March 18, 2018, 10:23:29 AM »
No problem. As I get older, I need things simple and need all the help I can get to locate or remember things.
Thanks you for all your work!
Hmmmmm, I haven't heard a word about this since laying out the challenge. No takers??  TM
GPS Talk / Zumo Forum scheduled to shut down July 1
« Last post by NinjaBob on March 18, 2018, 10:20:11 AM »
Site is up for sale, owner looking to make profit and will shut it down if someone does not buy it.

There are a few users willing and able  to migrate the database to a new server but not willing to pay his price. 
General Discussion / Re: STAReview 3701
« Last post by NinjaBob on March 18, 2018, 10:10:14 AM »
Galen, I meant the MSTA Website link in MAIN FORUMS under welcome Mat and General Discussion.
Sorry for the confusion.
An email with a direct link will be going out soon to all MSTA members (that we have an email address for) will be going out soon.
General Discussion / Re: STAReview 3701
« Last post by PYG RYDR on March 18, 2018, 09:51:50 AM »
Linky notty worky fory mey.
I should have been more specific. Which link is not working? The redirect, the download or continue reading?


When I click STAReview link it does not redirect, but leaves me on the forum page and does not take me to the website/webpage.  The STAReview link on the webpage works fine.

See my edit.


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