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STAR 2019 / Re: Raffle Ticket Stuffing Party - Jan. 12 Tipp City, OH
« Last post by bcd on Yesterday at 10:59:42 AM »
I've missed these, so I look forward to it.

Thanks, Bill! You're OK, I don't care what Jon says about you! :-D
Off Topic / Re: I am Published
« Last post by Outlaws Justice on Yesterday at 10:32:44 AM »
Another Great review that came in last week.

The ART of Effective Motorsports Coaching, by David M. Beyer, like all good coaching, is a seamless portrayal of education at its best. This book is for those who teach…just about anything really. His words make sense in an everyday kind of way, like walking through a dark house and finding all the light switches right where they belong. A lifelong and dedicated motorsports coach, Beyer uses his experience on the range to brilliantly illustrate the difference between being a good rider and what is required to effectively transfer those skills to persons who would trust us to teach them well. Many coaches enjoy entertaining their students (and themselves) by telling stories and spinning protracted yarns disguised as examples, often irrelevant to the task at hand. The point of Beyer's book is that if the wheels aren’t turning, the students aren’t learning, and as importantly, what we say with the few words we speak is essential. And not only what we say verbally, but also our body language and even where we stand relative to the students’ path of travel are all critical, unspoken elements to effective teaching. In a brief 84 pages, the author unpacks a powerful message of a philosophy that helps students build upon victories in an orderly fashion. Beyer’s expertise on the range is evident in the confines of the book. He masterfully weaves a variety of illustrations, photographs, relevant quotes, and real-life stories to make point after point. Subtly, the reader finds within himself a heightened awareness of what a student sees, feels and needs in order to learn.  His circle of success initiated by first building trust then confidence is broken down to its base elements throughout the book. The nuance of precisely initiating a turn, braking or maintaining body position must be understood first by the coach and then effectively delivered in order for the student to have a chance of learning. The principals of adult education are elusive to a surprising number of coaches, but Beyer’s methods are reasonable, respectful and always relevant to the student’s current state of mind and skill of each individual student. Between these pages are pearls of wisdom on how we as instructors can up our game.
Bill Dragoo
Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (DART)

Bill Dragoo is an internationally certified BMW Motorrad off-road instructor and owns and operates DART.
STAR 2019 / Re: Raffle Ticket Stuffing Party - Jan. 12 Tipp City, OH
« Last post by Patmo on Yesterday at 06:14:22 AM »
Yay!  Thanks for volunteering the space for this Bill.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.  Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Holiday season, and a safe one too.  See y’all next year!

Pat M
STAR 2019 / Re: Raffle Ticket Stuffing Party - Jan. 12 Tipp City, OH
« Last post by brider on December 16, 2018, 09:52:06 PM »
Land line is 937-667-0787
STAR 2019 / Raffle Ticket Stuffing Party - Jan. 12 Tipp City, OH
« Last post by doug mcpeek on December 16, 2018, 09:49:26 PM »
It's baaack! 

The raffle tickets for STAR 2019 will be physical rather than virtual.  They will be mailed to all members.  Therefore we will once again have a raffle ticket stuffing party in Ohio.  Raffle Guy Bill Rusk will host the morning's activities at his home @ 9 am Saturday January 12.  Many hands make light work (and many hands lighten the donut boxes).  Bring your favorite breakfast treat, beverage or snack.  Bill will get the donuts, if you RSVP so he has a head count.
Bill Rusk, MSTA Raffle Guy                                                                                                                       Address - 316 S. 3rd St. Tipp City, OH
STAR 2019 / Re: STAR 2019 dates and venue
« Last post by STLTHMSTA on December 13, 2018, 08:35:53 AM »
I used to like you Carl.  :^)    TM
STAR 2019 / Re: STAR 2019 dates and venue
« Last post by Ride4MS on December 12, 2018, 11:53:45 AM »
"Retired people have nothing but time???"

I have not found that extra time yet.

“The Only Trouble with Retirement….You Never get a Day Off!
STAR 2019 / Re: STAR 2019 dates and venue
« Last post by stevegrab on December 12, 2018, 11:42:17 AM »
Well, if you have the time, why not. I was thinking the same thing if my schedule allows as time gets closer.  It's a one day ride for me (I could easily turn it in to 2) and have a place to stay waiting for me. :)  TM
Retired people have nothing but time, the rest of us have work limited vacation to deal with. But as a bachelor I also know my schedule is a lot more flexible than some, have a few retired friends that are now having grandchildren and seem to have very limited time for other things.

Many places can be a one day ride away, but if there are fun roads between here and there, and I don't need to be there until Sunday, or Saturday, I'll usually take 2 days.
Ohio / Re: Ohio Member Map Dec. 2018
« Last post by doug mcpeek on December 11, 2018, 01:45:15 PM »
Unless there has been a lot of Cincinnati people not renew their memberships, there would appear to be some missing from the map.

Note that there is not a pin for every member, there is a pin for every locale that contains a member.  So, for example, there's one pin for my zip code even though we have more than one member in town.

If you click on a flag, the number of people there will appear at the top left corner.  Six is the highest number at any zip code.
Florida / MSTA Daytona Bike Week Lunch
« Last post by RIDEMYST on December 11, 2018, 10:11:37 AM »
When: Thursday, March 14, 2019
11:30am – 1:30pm

Where: 1884 Restaurant and Bar
12 E Magnolia Ave, Eustis, FL 32726, USA

Description: FL MSTA has arranged another Bike Week lunch in the little town of Eustis, about an hour’s ride west of Daytona.

Last year, of the nineteen riders who attended, about half were from out of state.  It was nice to get caught up with old friends and meet new.  There was no shortage of stories.  And everyone agreed that the 1884 Restaurant and Bar was a fabulous place.  So, we are going back for 2019.

Check their website at They can easily accommodate very large gatherings.  We have a reservation for 25 but let’s just see how big of a crowd we can bring in 2019.

Cr42 west of Deland is a delight if you’re coming from Daytona.  On street parking was a bit limited last year.  1884 suggests using the parking garage adjacent an ACE Hardware located  behind the restaurant and across street (South side of Sr44 / E. Orange).
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