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General Discussion / Re: RKA Comment on Communications
« Last post by Patmo on Today at 12:51:18 PM »
I really like my much as I’ve figured out, that is.  I finally figured out how to get music to play by telling SIRI to play music.  I took a phone call while riding a few weeks back from Daryl, (not sure exactly how I did that, but the sound was great), and a few times I’ve been able to figure out how to get it to pair with others pretty easily....but only a few times.  They came in really handy when Norm, Larry, and I were traveling together a couple of years ago.  Thankfully Norm was there to talk me through it.  And I really like the Bluetooth element of it becsuse it means no wires running all over the place anymore (that I would always forget to unplug when I went to take my helmet off..DOH!).  My wife says I have no capacity to multi-task, so being able to do only a couple of things at the same time is probably better for me anyway.  Any more than that and I’m sure I would just get even more confused than my normal state.   Wait....was that motorcycle that just went by?  Now where were we? 

Some of us were just born into the wrong time period, I guess.  :(
General Discussion / Re: RKA Comment on Communications
« Last post by RichGrab on Today at 10:14:14 AM »
It baffles my mind that people will buy a new gizmo on it's first run, and then complain to high heaven about it. This whole discussion thread makes me really glad that I didn't buy a Sena 20S (or any model) like I was going to, since it's clearly not something I need. I ride most of the time alone or with 1-3 other riders maybe 5 times a year. I'll just stick to my MP3 player connected with a wire to the speakers in my helmet, if and when I want music. When I need to make a call - I'll stop like I've always done before (since my first days of riding, when you had to find a pay phone.) I don't need my phone, GPS, music, the other guy, the radio, etc. all cackling in my head while I'm trying to relax and destress by riding. Some people seem to enjoy taking the fun out of life.
That's all I've got. Oh yeah, and thanks Richardrka for TRYING to please everyone.
STAR 2018 / Re: STAR Pins
« Last post by RichGrab on Today at 10:03:36 AM »
Wonderful news. I look forward to picking up a couple when there.
 :clap: :trink39:
The Garage / Re: What is your favorite farkle?
« Last post by Steve on Today at 09:07:04 AM »
My wife!
General Discussion / Re: RKA Comment on Communications
« Last post by Patmo on Today at 06:57:18 AM »
I’ve never had a noise issue when using my 20S.....I must be doing something wrong?   :)

My only complaint about any of these units is their complexity for non-technical people.  I HATE multi-switches!  I can never remember if I’m supposed to tap it 2 times, or push and hold 3 times, or tap once and push twice, or do the hokey pokey and turn myself around. 

I rather have a separate button to push to pair up, or to connect my phone, or to connect the GPS...or to just have it all do it automatically.

I’ll go back i to my hole now and let y’all battle it out.  When spring actually gets here can someone wake me up?
General Discussion / Re: RKA Comment on Communications
« Last post by Richardrka on Yesterday at 11:07:54 PM »
I miss understood what you said sorry.

I started this thread and I am going to end it here.

Ride safe.
General Discussion / Re: RKA Comment on Communications
« Last post by R1200GS on Yesterday at 09:22:52 PM »

Number one, RKA is making assumptions that are TOTALLY incorrect.  He implies I was the only one with the problem and it was something wrong with my gear.  WRONG ANSWER!!!When I got the noise I was in a totally BT setup paired EXACTLY by the 20S user's manual.  The GMRS was NOT paired or even turned on. On the day I first heard the noise NOT ONE of the other riders had a GMRS radio connected PERIOD.  I was the only one who used the GMRS radio with a BT connection, the others used an SR10 to make the GMRS connection.  I was not aware of the noise issue until the other guys all started talking about the "box of rocks" which they all were well aware of.  We all got the noise no matter how they were connected.  Let me make something PERFECTLY clear again, EVERY pairing connection was EXACTLY by the users manual.  Neither Jeff, Norm or myself are new guys to testing a system.  This is a common, WELL KNOWN issue among 20s users.  It's all over the web.  Sena has known about this issue since the early days of the 20s.  I have yet see ONE person state that they had the issue fixed.  Norm and Jeff were testing the 30K yesterday and the results were pretty much a failure in the Mesh mode.  Since there was only two of them I don't believe they were able to test the 30K in a daisy chain to simulate the 20s issue. 

My major gripe is that too many people say the 30K is the answer to the 20S noise issue.  The 30K needs to prove that in the field.

When you speak of getting more positive about the 30K, I would be absolutely positive if major features worked as advertised.  I would also be positive if I saw Sena actually fix the noise issue in a reasonable amount of time for the 20K.  The negative reviews that I have found on the 20s noise issue have a consistent theme of "try this or that" which did not work and after a while all responses stop.
General Discussion / Re: RKA Comment on Communications
« Last post by Richardrka on Yesterday at 08:26:56 PM »
AND another thing  ::)

I think we should get more on a positive take on this.
I think we have heard enough negativity
I think this trip to La Crosse is going to be awesome!!!
I think I am going to have a great meeting with OLD friends and NEW friends.
I think I am going to have fun riding to La Crosse and I have acquired a riding partner so even more fun.
I KNOW I am going to have a BLAST speaking about SENA, and RKA Luggage.

So if you have some positive questions I would rather respond to those.
I know everything ..... Just ask me  ::)

STAR 2018 / STAR Pins
« Last post by hhemstreet on Yesterday at 08:23:42 PM »
Last seen in 2010.

These beauties will be available at STAR for $3.00 each.

General Discussion / Re: RKA Comment on Communications
« Last post by Richardrka on Yesterday at 07:46:57 PM »
RKA is a believer in SENA AND the 30K.
Like I said some of the things Norm said are true. Those things will be fixed.
Customers bring things forward they could never find out in the field. Give them a chance.

The display in our shop has ONE Momentum INC (Not may people have this product to even look at much less test) ONE Momentum Standard, If you do not know, these are SENA's NEW Bluetooth helmets. FOUR 30K's, TWO, 20S's, a 10S. and a 10C, We have FOUR C3P, TWO S2 Schuberth helemts, a Shoei 1100, a Shoei Multitech and 3 inexpensive 3/4 helmets for customer to try the units with.

We are constantly testing product

Like I said some of the things Norm said are true.
BUT he is adding in other scenarios with 15 dollar dongles and SENA parts that are not correct and making the big picture look worse than it is.

Richard ... Do you think if I jump off this building I will die? Would you test that out for me?

1200GS is using a Bluetooth FRS radio connected directly to his headset and is complaining of a noise.
RKA has purchased a Bluetooth FRS radio just so I can see how it connects. That's it, it works. DONE no further testing

I am 100% sure that 1200GS has a noise.
Am I going to go out and test it for issues when I know it is the wrong product to use? NO.
You should be using a SENA SR10 Radio adapter that CUTS the signal when you let go of the PTT and opens it when you push the PTT.

The point is if you are complaining about "this and that" and using products that may cause the issue I am out of the loop.

I do not think you all should judge in this scenario.

Like I said some of the things Norm said are true and I am not disputing that

BUT if 1200GS was my customer and wanted support from me with this issue, I would tell him the correct product SENA SR10 and the I would decline trying to research it.

Once again RKA offers ALL of SENA products and the NEW Momentum Bluetooth helmets using 20S technology
Call us.


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