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For Sale / Honda ST 1300 2006
« Last post by canteen on Today at 11:43:54 AM »
Honda ST 1300 2006 One owner, Black, Givi Top Box Plate. Never Wrecked, North Georgia, $1500. Call 770 889-5525.
Big Lynn Lodge Ride / Re: 2018 Big Lynn Lodge Event
« Last post by RIDEMYST on Yesterday at 12:44:10 PM »

You guys have a great time!

We just missed BLL by just over a week.  :( 

For those attending BLL (or any MSTA event) this year, take a moment and post your photos to our photo gallery. You can access the upload link through the members only section of the forum. -JEP-
STAR 2018 / Re: STAR 2018 Full survey results
« Last post by RichGrab on Yesterday at 10:50:30 AM »
Like many others, I too am not a real gambler. I like the odds of winning the raffle bike even if 5,000 actual tickets are sold. Not many places you can you have a 1:5,000 chance at winning a $7-15k prize? I too don't expect to win, and it was the shock of a lifetime when I did. Those who were close when it happened can attest to that. I also look at the money spent on a ticket as a donation to the club, and once again this year bought 5-10 tickets, same last year and the year I won. And there are also other prizes given away that you must be present to win - maybe that is part of the reason people see this as a STAR versus MSTA raffle since the only prize you can actually win, if not present, is the bike.

Also not sure of the possible legal or tax implications of the raffle with a huge prize in cash (it might even vary by state). The potential plus to the winner of getting cash versus the bike is coming up with the $$ to pay the IRS and State tax would be easier; and then they could buy what they want whether it's a car, bike, or whatever.
STAR 2018 / Re: STAR 2018 Full survey results
« Last post by bcd on Yesterday at 10:19:17 AM »
Like Bob, I'm not really a gambler. The bike raffle odds may be better than the state lottery, but I still don't expect to win. I view my ticket purchase as a donation to the club. It's not that I wouldn't want a free(ish) bike, but that's unlikely enough that it's not my motivation to buy tickets. Most raffle bikes, if I won I'd probably try to cut a deal with the dealer or sell it. I'd still come out ahead of the $40 or $50 I spent :-)

I do think Pat is right on target about using multiple means to advertise the raffle, to increase sales.

I also think it would be worth looking into making the prize either the bike or cash, possibly slightly less than the bike cost. The convenience of a cash payout to someone who isn't excited about a particular bike seems like a selling point. What I don't know is how this affects the legality of the raffle, or the negotiation with the supplying dealer.
STAR 2018 / Re: STAR 2018 Full survey results
« Last post by stevegrab on Yesterday at 10:02:07 AM »
Is it worth doing a poll to all members, by mail or tear out page from STAReview, asking for feedback on the raffle? What factors impact buying tickets, what bike would they be interested in, etc.

We have limited members here, more on Facebook but still not everyone, and the STAR survey is only done my attendees. If we're trying to figure out why so few tickets sold this year, we need to hear from more members.

Even an online survey could work, with the request to fill it out sent by email to all members.
Big Lynn Lodge Ride / Re: 2018 Big Lynn Lodge Event
« Last post by Brick on Yesterday at 08:54:45 AM »

A great start to this year’s BLL.

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STAR 2018 / Re: STAR 2018 Full survey results
« Last post by NinjaBob on Yesterday at 08:04:05 AM »
For me a big draw for the raffle has been what I perceive to be great odds. Many people love to gamble, not me because I feel the odds are typically stacked against me in a casino or a lottery. The MSTA raffle odds are much better. So I have bout at least 8 to 10 tickets just about every year. This year I was not excited about the Versys but still bought 20 tickets.

I am really puzzled by the low ticket sales!
STAR 2018 / Re: STAR 2018 Full survey results
« Last post by Patmo on Yesterday at 07:23:16 AM »
Would absolutely love to hear from all members as to what bike(s) they are interested in being raffled off.  Always looking for suggestions.  This has been a part of the after-STAR survey in the past.

Was the bike the problem?  Or something else?  In the past the sales were pretty consistent, no matter what bike was being raffled off. That leads to me believe that the bike wasn’t the biggest problem.

But with a 1000 members in the club.....if EVERYONE just bought 10.00 in raffle tickets we would have $10,000 dollars....that’s a great start toward getting something really really nice.

STAR 2018 / Re: STAR 2018 Full survey results
« Last post by DirtFlier on Yesterday at 05:53:14 AM »
I believe American Honda so far has been the only "manufacturer" to offer us a bike at dealer net, mainly via our connections when the club was called HSTA and it still holds today thanks to Jon Seidel.  All the non-Honda bikes used for the STAR raffle have come from dealers who give us some sort of modest discount but that's only a guess?

NinjaBob - getting the "steep discount" may be a tough hill to climb especially if the model is popular and in short supply.  Maybe the member poll should have 3 favorites not just 1?
STAR 2018 / Re: STAR 2018 Full survey results
« Last post by Paco Bulto on July 20, 2018, 10:21:09 PM »
As far as Honda donating a bike, I heard that they donated a new Pacific Coast to our Founder one time, but don't know of any other time. I know that when I was Prez from 1999-2003, Honda sold us a bike at dealer cost.
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