Author Topic: HSTA/MSTA ... so the new VFR should  (Read 1874 times)

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HSTA/MSTA ... so the new VFR should
« on: March 25, 2014, 08:45:26 AM »
Yes that's what I'm saying! I guess it's because I've been in the HSTA/MSTA long enough to know lots of historical past. The new VFR while still looking like the old VFR has a complete upgrade. Heck the even added self canceling turn signals! Damn... That is amazing. Oh yea the also added ABS, traction control and lots of other very cool features. A more upright seating position... for well us older members.
I'm gonna start now and say this should be the MSTA's 2015 raffle bike! Is says MSTA!

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Re: HSTA/MSTA ... so the new VFR should
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2014, 09:18:28 AM »
Sorry, Brick but IMO Honda lost the hunger to produce bikes that grab your imagination quite a long time ago.  Maybe it's because I'm ancient (you might be catching up with me) the VFR does hold some fascination from its early days.  VFR's in general held fascination of sport riders for many years but around the time they went to the VTEC something had disappeared. This new one did catch my eye, maybe its part of the retro craze that is hitting the industry.

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Re: HSTA/MSTA ... so the new VFR should
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2014, 04:08:10 PM »
Yep, Honda finally remembered what the VFR was supposed to be, not that 1200 which was an excercise in using a fancy new engine.
They did add a lot, and it is very nice bike (I still enjoy my 98 even though it is anceint by some standards). But wow, just looking at the new prices still gives me sticker shock. That is what I get for buying my last 3 bikes used (2 from other members) and nothing new since 2000 (my CBR600 which was under $8000, VFRs were only 10K then). So that price may be an issue anyway, 12500 base, 13500 with ABS/TC etc.
PS  Self cancelling turn signals, I've always thought those overrated. Only been riding about 15 years, but it is now just a reflex action to cancel once I complete my turn. But I have seen many others forget their turn signals on, I suspect that is because they rarely look at the dash.
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Re: HSTA/MSTA ... so the new VFR should
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2014, 03:04:54 PM »
I'll go with Brick on this one, the VFR could/should/would be the '15 raffle bike.  I am also in full agreement that there are some not needed high tech crap (read: expensive to repair) that would be better lift off. The old crumudgend in me is coming out, I guess.
How about the CB1100 Deluxe (I do like abs) w/6 speed as a raffle bike, Yum!!

PS where the hell is the spell check on this thing??  :^)

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Re: HSTA/MSTA ... so the new VFR should
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2014, 05:48:04 PM »
Yea it's a spiffy looking VFR but will not match the 98 to 01 or the 750 VFR's with the gear driven cams.
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