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Yamaha makes tilting 3-wheeler.

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Tom S:
This may be the answer for those that, 'like me', would give up the sport and buy a Miata before they would get a typical 3-wheeler.  Like a boat and airplane, leaning is half the fun!

I hope they DON'T come out with a dirt bike version of this thing.

I want to test ride this thing! I like it!

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doug mcpeek:
Looks like fun.  I was intrigued by the MP3, but it was heavy and under powered.  This will have a lot more power.

I have an MP3 400, and I agree with the assessment of the Yamaha. My little 400 will easily cruise at 75, and it's a hoot to ride. Right now it's waiting for me to get up off my butt and install the new regulator-rectifier sitting on my bench. That seems to be a weak spot with these Piaggios, but its the only problem I've had with it. don't be totally smitten with the tremendous extra grip until you've slowly tested the limits of the Yamaha though. The Piaggio front end will slide, and it doesn't like sand. Mine is a 2009, and it had been sitting for years with very little use. This last summer, I found that the good tread remaining on the front tires was deceptive, as they had become hard as a rock. It now has new-softer shoes. I also found that you don't overfill the front tires, which reduces traction. I'm looking forward to trying the Yamaha too! :D Syd

Very cool, always liked the tilting front end idea. Never ridden one though.


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