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Unfortunately I think some will never see the value in the MSTA until they give it a try, even then they may not get it.
For a small amount you get quite a bit. Do it by joining through the free membership at a regional event and for $25 (advance reg fee for Mail Pouch Fly By and some others) you get 2 meals, a good chance at some door prizes and a one year membership that usually costs $25 or more.
And it seems like such a small amount even to a cheap guy like me. Maybe I just joined because I was new to riding and my friends were members. And now the value to me (not including any discounts) far exceeds what I pay.
I agree 100%.  Where I disagree with others is that this needs to be advertised both on other sites and at events.

Won't get any disagreement on any of these points/suggestions from me.... :)
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