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--- Quote from: HawkGTRider on August 03, 2018, 09:53:12 PM ---Nice link to the point park with a drone video...quite a view for sure!

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Didn't even notice the video, that is very cool. There isn't much there, couple picnic tables maybe a trash can, no restrooms. There's a Subway in the gas station along the river, we stopped there once got sandwiches then went to the park for lunch.

Excellent route descriptions and info! Thanks, Norm!


--- Quote from: stevegrab on August 03, 2018, 12:59:13 PM ---Awesome we were just at the Bealsville Diner last weekend for lunch.

I was also trying to see if I could identify any potential construction issue with road closures in that area. I've been using the OHGO site and app, I wish they'd used the similar style of red/yellow icons so red one closures) stood out. On Southeast OH they show the following closures which may impact us, all of these are state routes 821 (north of 78), 537(west of 26), 255 (just north of 7). I suspect that last one will impact some routes (looks like 03 East 235 uses it) and likely to be labeled as CLOSED at both ends with no reasonable alternative paved road. (I've seen that before on 536 just a few miles from there).

See, click on CONSTRUCTION them move the map around, zoom in, click etc.

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Working through Ohio construction info, I had to modify 4 routes so far. Par for the course. Similar quality info for WV is unfortunately very hard to come by.



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