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July RTE report
« on: July 20, 2014, 12:19:07 PM »
The July RTE took place at Natural Bridge State Park.  3 of us from Kentucky, 3 people from SW Ohio, and 2 members from central Indiana were in attendance.  Although the weather on the ride down was a bit on the damp side, the rain stopped by the time we reached the lodge.  After a very good lunch  ( Daryl highly recommends the Kentucky Hot Brown!) 5 of us headed toward Morehead, Kentucky, planning on meeting the Michigan Squadron at the "Bluegrass Boogie".

We had an excellent ride there through the Red River Gorge area, using routes 715, 77, and 1274 primarily.  By the time lunch was over the skies had lightened up and the road was dry in most places. 

When we reached Morehead the Michigan group was nowhere to be found?  Evidently the rainy weekend predicted for area cause a change in plans by the members planning to spend the weekend exploring  the area.  However, Daryl Cassada, Tommy Galvin, and myself decided to get a couple of hotel rooms and spend the night anyway, hoping that Sunday would bring better weather.  However, when we got up in the morning the rain had returned, so we loaded up and rode wet roads back north to our homes in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.  Thanks for all that made.  We'll do another one mid-August.  Hopefully the weather will a bit better.

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